FLYBY Steakhouse - 2040 Budaörs, Károly király u. 28.

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Budaörs, Károly király u. 28, 2040

+36 30 335 20 88

+36 23 585 815

Opening hours

Monday: closed
Tuesday: closed
Wednesday-Saturday: 12:00-22:00 – Kitchen closes at 21:00
Sunday: 12:00-16:00 – Kitchen closes at 15:00

If possible, please book your table in advance by phoning or e-mailing us. This way you can avoid having to wait. Your booking will be confirmed via e-mail.

Cooking methods

Order the cooking method that suits you the best and our chef will prepare it with pleasure.

Bleu: (core temperature 36-38 °C) We just sear the outside of the steak — the inside will remain raw. The internal temperature is achieved by resting rather than continued cooking. The natural taste of the meat dominates and the meat is extremely soft and juicy.

Rare: (36-38 °C) The outside of the steak is seared for longer than bleu, so that just the inner two-thirds remain blood-red, with the outer third pink. Unlike Bleu, we reach the final internal temperature by cooking. It has a slightly more roasted taste than Bleu but is still very juicy.

Medium-Rare: (42-46 °C) The outside is slightly more seared than for rare. A narrow strip of blood-red meat will remain in the centre. Overall, the steak will be tender and juicy.

Medium: (49-53 °C) One of the most common cooking methods. The middle of the steak will remain pink and moist, with the rest increasingly browned towards the outside. The less brave ones like it, too!

Medium-Well: (59-62 °C) Almost well done, but still contains a thin strip of pink in the middle and a little juice.

Well Done: (64-69 °C) It is completely cooked through, but contains a little juice. We make sure that the steak remains mouth-wateringly soft inside.

Very Well Done: (69-74 °C) Fully cooked, brown all the way through, and drier than well done. Contains a very little or no juice at all.

About Us

Budaörs and the surrounding areas are developing extremely fast, providing more and more people with an attractive and high quality place to live. In addition, the region has become a major center of business life. Many people have been looking forward to a unique restaurant in Budaörs that satisfies their every need, that is really special and also suitable for business meetings, for which they had to travel to Budapest so far.Flyby Steakhouse is a great choice for a relaxing lunch with friends, a romantic dinner or a professional business meeting.

Our steak offering is special and unique in many ways. In addition to the Brazilian, Argentinian, Uruguayan and the highest-rated American cattle, we are also giving a lot of space to the best domestic breeders from who we buy Blonde, Charolais and Angus breeds. These are matured dry for 60 days in our own custom-built chamber and in our Dry Ager cabinet, which will make the meat extraordinarily delicious and tender. We can make any style of steak on our custom-made charcoal grill. We do all this in front of our guests in our special „aerodrome control tower” open kitchen.

If you are not excited about the idea of a perfectly crafted T-bone or Rib-eye steak, you can still choose from our wide range of mouth-watering traditional and modern dishes, including vegetarian options.

We also take great care in keeping our selection of drinks and wines in close harmony with our food.

We aim to make Flyby Steakhouse so special, so as to provide a very memorable visit. When designing our accessible building, we paid attention to every detail while working with Imre Bálint, an award winning architect. Environmental awareness was a key consideration, and our cooling and heating is done by a geothermal heat pump system.

Besides gastronomy, our other great love is flying. Our name already indicates our passion, and who wouldn’t be impressed by the sight of a low-flying airplane overhead at an air show? Many well-known pilots from Hungary and abroad regularly visit our restaurant, some of whom have contributed their ideas to the design and construction of our bespoke building. As a result, the exciting world of flying is on show in every corner of the building.

In our Premium Butcher Shop, which works closely with the restaurant, you can even buy our matured, vacuum sealed steaks, to prepare at home. We can assist with improving your skills in the kitchen, through our occasional steak cooking workshops. Please follow our Facebook page to be notified of our upcoming events.

In our building, three modern, well-equipped meeting rooms can be hired for daily business meetings, each with a capacity of 10-15 people. Here you can welcome your foreign or domestic business partners in an exclusivesetting.

You can continue your discussion through lunch or dinner in our discreetly separated 10-person room.

Our Team

Dr. Vécsei Csaba


Petró Gábor

restaurant manager

Pethő Balázs

executive chef

Mógor Attila


Csókási Gábor


Piskor Zoltán


Balázs László

master waiter

Loháty Szabolcs


Tass Edina


Butcher’s shop team

Pfléger György


Tegda Attila


Hajas Anna